The New Must-Have Blue: Louboutin Bianca

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Louboutin Bianca is a stunning denim blue nail polish from Louboutin The Noirs range. It has a unique shimmering metallic finish, so if you’re looking for a new statement lacquer, it’s the perfect choice. I picked up Bianca along with my another Louboutin polish during our trip to Abu Dhabi. Oh how wish I purchased more! Having well over 2,000 nail polishes in my collection it’s quite hard to surprise me with a nail polish but Louboutin is truly one of a kind. Not just beautiful, but incredibly long-lasting with a high quality formula.

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: SoNailicious) you’ll already have seen me wearing it at the beach without a top coat and just two layers of lacquer (I was in rush, ok?) and it lasted well! Not just at the beach but well after that. These photos were taken 4 days later (hence the re-growth). The manicure still looks flawless. I eventually added a top coat that made my manicure last for another week.

I can’t comment on the entire Louboutin Beaute range but the quality of the nail polishes are superb.

For more technical details read my review below.

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Formula: very glossy, 3-free, fast drying and super long-lasting. The polish is highly pigmented, it looked pretty opaque after just 1 coat but you’ll need 2 thin layers to get flawless, fully opaque coverage. Pictured 2 coats with a top coat.

Application: absolutely flawless from the first coat. The polish goes on smoothly without any streaks and it doesn’t amplify  imperfections like other chrome/metallic polishes do (like this one). The bottle features a custom-designed, patented triangular brush that makes flawless application very easy.

Finish/Colour: Louboutin Bianca is a dark denim blue metallic nail polish with a shimmering effect.

Nail Art: the polish is highly pigmented and is suitable for any kind of nail art. It looks fantastic mattified.

Dupes: there are no dupes for Louboutin Bianca. The closest colour to Bianca is Kiko Quick Dry 856 but the finish is definitely not the same and the colour is quite different. Bianca is significantly more vibrant and the shimmer is more fine and shinier.

Wearability: very long-lasting, 3 days without a top coat, plus 6 days more with a top coat without any signs of wear.

Extra Notes: I love it sooo much! The colour, the bottle, the formula… perfection!

dark blue nail polish, louboutin biancaAnd here how it looks like in the shade…

louboutin nail polish review, louboutin bianca

Overall Impression:  The best of the best. Quality, aesthetics and flattering colour – Louboutin Bianca ticks all the right boxes. It’s expensive but if you can afford a Louboutin nail polish, go for it! It’s well worth it.

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Availability: online US $50 here, here and here but… it’s not available in Australia.

Have you tried Louboutin nail polishes before? If so, what’s your impression?

– Maria, xx

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