Italy Continues To Surprise… LillaLab 53 and 35

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Lillalab nail polish review, italian polish review

0.99 euro cents per bottle! Can you even believe this price? As much as I love nail polish I never compromise on quality. I don’t mind paying more for a great product that is long-lasting, looks good and is free of harmful chemicals. But somehow these LillaLab babies are all that, plus the crazy low price!

I was in rush to get to the Pantheon before it closed when I saw the LillalLab polish stand, so I had to act quickly. I grabbed a few colours, did a quick swatch, the formula and brush seemed to be ok. So with two polishes in my hand I ran to the cash register. I hadn’t even had a chance to have a look at the price tag. I got quite a shock when I was told “€1.98 please” No mistake, that was the price!

How I wish I’d gotten more! Of course, these polishes are not in the same league as OPI, Essie or most other luxury brands, but they certainly don’t belong in the 1 dollar bin either. LillaLab easily performs as well as some brands that charge $20 per bottle when it come to longevity, ease of application and quality of brush.

So without further ado, let’s read the review!

Lillalab nail polish reviewLillalab nail polish 35 review swatchesLillalab 53 swatch review Lillalab 35 swatch review swatches

REVIEW – LillaLab 53 (bronze) and 35 (purple)

  • Formula:  4-Free and cruelty free. Long lasting but not fast-drying.
  • Finish: LillaLab 53 is a stunning dark bronze shimmer, highly pigmented and very shiny, especially under direct sunlight. LillaLab 35 a purple creme with red and gold micro shimmer also highly pigmented. Both polishes required only 2 coats for a fully opaque finish (pictured).
  • Application: Really good brush – close to professional quality, makes application very easy.
  • Wearability: both polishes last 3 days with a top coat, they may have lasted for longer.
  • Nail Art: Perfect for any kind of nail art or details. The bronze LillaLab 53 would also look great mattified.
  • Extra Notes: LillaLab come in small bottles only 6ml, which makes them great for travelling and storing. The same like in Collistar polishes, LillaLab bottles have elongated shape allowing for a full size brush in a small bottle.

Lillalab 35 swatch reviewLillalab polish 53 swatch review 1Lillalab nail polish reviews

Overall Impression: Fantastic and super affordable brand! LillaLab is not easy to find and I couldn’t find their website either but if you’re in Italy, definitely get some!

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Availability: LillaLab, €0.99 on sale (€1.99 normal price).

Wearing: Platinum and Gunmetal Knuckle rings.

Have you ever tried LillaLab polishes? And, what do you think about the colours, whats your favorite – purple or bronze?

– Maria, xx

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