Nail File: Anastasia Solomatina of Let’s Nail Moscow

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Anastasia Solomatina, Let's Nail Moscow
Let's Nail Moscow nail art studio
Anastasia's China Glaze collection
Gradient nails
3d kawaii nails inspired by Tokyo
Galaxy nails
When nail stars unite...
Lets Nail Moscow nail designs
Banana nails
Lets Nail Moscow nail art studio
Lets Nail Moscow!!!
Retro geometric nail art
Lets Nail Moscow Nail Polish display
She won!!!  (Pudra award in 2014)
Lets Nail Moscow
Negative space nails
Black to White Gradient nails

As I’m rushing through the centre of Moscow to meet Anastasia, the genius behind the Let’s Nail Moscow nail art studio, I don’t know what to expect. I finally find her studio, open the door I enter another world. A quirky world with splashes of colour where your nail fantasy can become reality and Anastasia’s bright smile and engaging personality makes me feel like we’ve been friends for years. She’s tall, exceptionally beautiful, sports long green hair and radiates an aura of positivity and FUN.

As we are chatting away about all things nail art, it becomes clear that for Anastasia nail art is much more than just a hobby or job, it’s a way of life. She’s living proof that even during an economic crisis and with a lack of support from the community (back when she started), if you have some talent and are willing to work hard, you can make a successful career out of whatever you choose. Regardless of the odds, Anastasia took all the risks and turned her hobby into a full-on business. One year later with dozens of editorials in high profile magazines like Elle Russia, Numero and OOPS! and a stack of loyal clientele, Anastasia’s idea to start a nail art studio in Moscow proved to be a very successful one!

Oh, and her studio is like no other, it screams ‘Let’s Nail Moscow!’ in every respect, from the quirky decor and bright murals to the hundreds of colourful nail designs and polishes on display. When she enthuses that she feels happy about coming to work and spending every day in her studio, I believe her! I’d want to live in a studio like that!

So read on lovelies and get to know Anastasia as she shares some great tips and make sure you scroll through the gallery to see her amazing work and of course, her famous nail art studio!

NAIL FILE: Anastasia Solomatina, nail artist and blogger at LetsNailMoscow, Moscow, Russia

1. What do you do for living? I’m a nail artist / part time model.

2. Why nails? I have always had a thing for nails and nail polishes, but have never thought you could actually draw things on them until I accidentally came across a nail art studio web-site while planning a trip to the US.

3. When did you start blogging? I think about 2 years ago…let me check…yeah, I will have my 2nd blogaversary in September, 2015.

4. How many followers do you have currently on your Instagram? Over 27,000

5. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to grow their Instagram following? I am very negative to spamming like «check out my account», «like for like», «follow for follow» etc.  Use hashtags – these search words are what we all use to find pictures and people.

6. When did you start your nail art studio? I opened my studio about a year ago (photo 2) – I just reached the point when my 10 fingernails were not enough for all my nail art ideas :)

7. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to open their own nail art salon? You should be sure you just can’t live without nail art. There will be times when you have problems, misunderstanding with clients or even no clients at all.
But if you really love what you do – all of the above will not matter. Your passion will get you through.

8. Nail care product you can’t live without right now is… Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter

9. Favourite nail shape? On me – short soft square, but I loooove how stiletto and ballerina shapes look on long gel nails.

10. Favourite top coat? Seche Vite

11. The best nail care tip? Moisturize your cuticles, every time you have nothing to do – reach for your cuticle cream and start rubbing.

12. The worst thing to do for your nails is… Tear off you gel polish / gel nails / acrylic nails.

13. How many polishes in your collection? About 500 (photo 3).

14. Favourite main stream nail polish brand? China Glaze.

15. Favorite nail art pattern? Love gradient nails with any color fading to black (photo 4).

16. The funniest/the most adventurous nail art you have ever created? I have so much fun with 3d nails! A while ago I made 3d kawaii nails inspired by Tokyo – they were overfilled with gems, cabochons, glitter and fimo pieces (photo 5).

17. How do you get inspired for your nail art? I love reading fashion magazines – any color combo, pattern or design can inspire me.

18. Your prediction for the new season: what nail designs and colours will be hot in 2015? For fall/winter I’d say black+metal and 3d. Studs and spikes on dark polishes just have to be on trend!

19. If you were offered to do a celebrity manicure, who that would be? And, how would you do their nails? Katy Perry for sure! I’d go for bright kawaii food nail art with 3d pieces.

20. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to become a professional manicurist? Always put quality above speed and quantity!

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Silver or Gold? gold
  2. Geometric or Animal Print? geometric
  3. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? not to match
  4. Nail icon? Britney Tokyo and Eitchi Matsunaga
  5. When in doubt do… Galaxy nails (photo 6)

You can find and follow Anastasia on Instagram and blog.

Anastasia Solomatina was interviewed by Maria Vlezko and photographed by Joseph Pole in June 2015. All nail art images – Anastasia Solomatina, @letsnailmoscow

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