Object of Desire: Julep Plie Wand Kit

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  Julep Plie Wand kitJulep Plie Wand kit

Meet Julep Plié Wand kit – an innovative, nail-polishing system designed to take your polishing experience to the next level. The kit includes a magnetic wand, an extra cap and Plie Precision Brush, dotting tool, and striping brush. Basically all nail art tools in one. Plus, the extended handle twists, pivots and bends, making it easy to find a comfortable grip — even when polishing with your Cinderella hand or toes!

According to the creative brains behind this innovation, Julep Plie Wand‘s balanced, elongated handle is more comfortable to hold and an innovative twist feature of the wand works as a natural extension of your hand making it easier to apply polish. This feature would come particularly handy (me thinks) when painting long thin stripes, since that’s the hardest thing to do even for the steadiest hands out there. Ergonomic design of this all-in-1 nail art kit also makes it a perfect companion for travelling nail polish addicts… To sum up in two words: MUST. HAVE.

Julep Plie Wand Available: via Sephora here for $35.00, the kit works with any Julep or other polishes.

Are you keen to try Julep Plié Wand kit? Or, are you a fan of traditional nail art tools regardless?

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