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As you might have noticed, in addition to running SoNailicious, I’ve been working on two big projects this year. They were scheduled to launch in October, but life dealt me an unexpected wild card. This is what happened, for those who don’t know. After a lot of thinking about how to deal with this new situation I saw light at the end of the tunnel and decided to make lemonade as they say. Just as I mentioned here, I’ll never give up on my dreams. So regardless of the situation, I’ve poured a lot of effort into making at least one of my dreams come true. And… it is happening!

So yes my brave nail art warriors, I have some exciting news to share with you! I’m not giving it all away just yet, I’m cheeky like that, so you’ll have to come back tomorrow (October, 28th – 10am, Sydney time) for all the juicy details! Plus, there will be a special Early Bird offer available for tomorrow only and you will be first in line.

I’ll see you soon!

– Maria, xx

UPDATE: Nail Stars Sydney tickets on sale NOW!

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