Nails of Instagram: 8 Inspirational Accounts For Long Nails

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best nail art instagram long nails

We’ve already shared our favorite Instagram accounts for short nails, and though they are fantastic, when it comes to showcasing stunning hand painted nail art, long nails are hard to beat. Put simply: longer nails mean more space to show your skills and creativity. Some of them also provide fantastic nail care advice and endless, and we mean endless nailspiration (Tamara, we’re looking at you now). So in the interest of both nail-spiration and motivation to finally start using that nail strengthener to grow longer nails, we’ve put together our list of the best Instagram accounts for long nails. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Who: Tamara @ohmygoshpolish, Australia
Why follow: perfectly shaped square long nails & multiple designs every day. Detailed information on each manicure and… lots of glow in the dark nails! Tamara’s Instagram is a stand out and she’s Australian! (go #AussieNails)

ohmygoshpolish nails instagram

2. Who: Kristin @kgrdnr, Canada
Why follow: flawless, creative nail art and nail care tips. Did we mention Kristin also has the most adorable little puppy?

lacquerstyle nails instagram

3. Who: Atima @nailsbynemo, UK
Why follow: lots of beautiful glitter nails, occasional eye makeup and matching nails posts. Also, Atima is a mum to twins!

nemos nails instagram

4. Who: Rachell @Rachell_rachell, US
Why follow: beautiful oval nails, flawless swatches, bright colours and some pretty artistic pedicures!

rachell rachell nail art instagram

5. Who: Riddhi Riddhisn, India
Why follow:  detailed portraits and miniature paintings. Unbelievably, all the designs are hand painted.

riddhisn instagram nails

6. Who: Christine @Xtinemayyy, Australia
Why follow:  perfectly shaped stiletto nails, lots of bright colors, glitter, neons and geometric nail art.

xstinemayyy instagram nails

7. Who: Jascha @stylish_mom, Japan
Why follow:  fantastically detailed, hand painted nail art, glitter, studs and occasionaly, step-by-step nail art tutorials.

stylish mom nails instagram

8. Who: @MadamLuck
Why follow:  these Instagram nails have inspired many! MadamLuck’s flawless miniature paintings are unforgettable. David Bowie nails? Yes please!

madam luck instagram nails

Of course, this list is not comprehensive. There are many more talented nail artists out there and we’ll try to show as many as we can on our SoNailicious Instagram in addition to our future Nails of Instagram features.

Who are your favorite nail Instagrammers for long nails?

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