How To Nail A Beauty Expo: 3 Things We’ve Learned At IMATS Sydney 2014

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Amy, Sugarpill founder at IMATS Sydney 2014
Ben Nye
Battle of the Brushes IMATS contest
Kryolan at IMATS Sydney 2014
Global Body Paint - IMATS Sydney
Battle of the Brushes contest
Battle of the Brushes
Battle of the Brushes
Battle of the Brushes
Famous Hakuhado brushes - IMATS Sydney
International Make-up Artist Roshar, IMATS Sydney
Choosing the right shade at MAC counter
Professional make-up brand Kryolan nail polish range
Maria at IMATS Sydney 2014
Make-up brushes heaven
Olga Tishkov at IMATS Sydney
Lime Crime nail polish range
Sugarpill Team at IMATS Sydney 2014
Kryolan palettes
IMATS? Nailed it

Last weekend marked the International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Sydney. One of the biggest industry events in the world, it gathers the leading make-up artists, educators, brands and make-up addicts together for a weekend. The Sydney show is one of only 6 IMATS expos in the world. New York, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver and Toronto host the other 5 between them. If you’re in one of those cities, you should seriously consider attending the next IMATS.

Why? Well you’ll get to see and learn beauty techniques from some the best in the industry. The product ranges are always incredible at IMATS which is particularly relevant in Australia where we frequently don’t get some international brands or ranges. Finally, the prices are notable. Brands usually have the entire range available, even the hard to get products, with a 20%-30% discount.

This year was no different. From the #1 indie make-up brand Sugarpill to the well established Kryolan, IMATS Sydney had every make-up product and colour imaginable. Rows of brushes, thousands of eye shadows, body paints, lipsticks and of course, nail polishes! Scroll through our gallery to see all that amazingness! Just keep in mind IMATS isn’t the best expo to go to for polishes. Many brands, MAC and INGLOT for example, didn’t have polishes available on the day. So if you’re solely into nail polish, the best event for you is the International Beauty & Spa Expo.

Either way, if you’re going to IMATS or any other show, to get the best out of it, here’s 3 important things to consider:

1. Do Your Homework: research the brands and key note speakers. You won’t be able to see and hear every presentation so you really need to make sure you see the ones that really interest you. Knowing the people and brands that will be at the expo is a also great help for networking. When you know the subject, it’s much easier to have a great conversation and make important connections. Prepare your own personalized itinerary and a shopping list before the frenzy of the event itself.

2. Set a Shopping Limit: amazing prices & amazing products – you’ll literally want everything. For instance, last year, blinded by all the shiny things and great offers, I bought so much make-up, brushes and other paraphernalia, that some it still remains unopened today. Prepare a shopping list, stick to it and buy only what you really need.

3. Stand Out: Put some effort into your appearance. It may sound superficial but you could get overlooked if you turn up looking like you dropped in on the way to do your grocery shopping . You’ll only have one chance to make a first impression. Just like Fashion Weeks, at IMATS, there’s is no such thing as being over dressed. For instance, check out the Sugarpill team (see the gallery). They’re the living representation of their brand. Flamboyant personalities tend to get noticed, so dress up!

What beauty shows and exhibitions are in your city? Do you attend any?

– Maria, xx

Photos: Maria Vlezko, Olga Tishkov.

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