How To Stop Biting Nails – The SoNailicious Way

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how to stop biting nails

A few months ago, a reader asked me if I had any tips on how to stop biting nails. As a reformed nail biter, a rush of memories flooded my mind. Although I could bite my nails so neat and straight you’d never guess it wasn’t scissors, the downside was short, damaged nails. Of course, I tried hard to overcome the habit. There were endless treatments, parental punishment and flak from my friends but nothing worked. Until one day, I had an epiphany and I decided to end this habit once and for all.

I shared this tip with my reader and it worked for her too! She told how great she was feeling now that her nails are growing again and sent some photos of her newly recovered nails. I was very gratifying so I thought I’d share this tip with you, dear readers, in case any of you want to kick the habit the SoNailicious way!

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So what about you, did you ever bite you nails? And if so, how did you stop biting nails?

Please share your best tips and your stories in the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories!

Make sure to share this post with any friends of family in need. They (and their nails) will thank you for it!

– Maria, xx

If your nails need some extra help to recover and gain strength after nail biting, try these nail strengtheners. They really work.

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