How To Fix A Broken Nail: A Genius Trick That Really Works

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how to fix a broken nail

Ouch! You broke your nail. Now chill, no need to grab that nail file yet. I’m going to show you a genius trick – how to fix a broken nail! I’ve used this technique countless times and I guarantee, it really works. Case in point, I broke one of my nails yesterday, half of it was still attached to the live nail bed. Ewww, I know. But true to tradition, I decided to make some delicious lemonade out of the lemons life gave me by sharing this nail-saving trick with you!

So here’s the tutorial. Seriously guys, if done properly your broken nail can be salvaged.

You will need:

  • tea bag
  • scissors
  • nail glue
  • buffer or nail file
  • nail strengthener

how to fix a broken nail


  1. Cut a little triangle piece of tea bag.
  2. Hold the tea bag piece with tweezers and saturate  with nail glue. Don’t use not your fingers!
  3. Accurately place the triangle over the broken part of the nail leaving a little bit hanging over the nail edge. Press the tea bag down gently, wrap it over the nail edge and press it to the underside of your broken nail.
  4. Wait until the glue is completely dry and apply one coat of your favourite nail strengthener. I used ORLY Nailtrition – my absolute favourite.
  5. Wait till the nail strengthener is fully dry and gently buff to even out the surface.
  6. Apply second coat of the nail strengthener.
  7. Follow up with a nail polish and top coat. Done!

You may have thought the tea bag trick was an urban legend. Give it a chance next time, it just might save you. I’ve used this trick so many times, here and here are just 2 examples.

So have you tried to fix a broken nail this way before? Do you know of an even more genius technique that we should know? Share for the sake of humanity… share!

– Maria, xx

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