Hawaiian Flower Nail Art Tutorial

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hawaiian flower nail art

The holiday mood is in full swing at SoNailicious HQ. In just 20 days I’m going to be sipping pina coladas by the beach. Even though it’s cold in Sydney right now, I’m already imaging myself wearing Hawaiian print shirts. So why not to join me on my imaginary (for now) vacation and try this Hawaiian flower nail art?

It’s relatively easy to do, but you’ll need a detailing nail art brush, dotting tool and a bit of practice in creating thin tiny lines and dots. I’d suggest you try to replicate this flower pattern on a nail wheel or even on paper before starting it on your nails to get confident with the pattern. Now, without further ado, here’s the how-to!

Hawaiian nail art tutorial


  1. Apply 2 coats of orange polish (or another bright colour of your choice) on all nails. It should be completely opaque. Without waiting for your polish to dry, proceed to the next step.
  2. Using the largest dotting tool and white polish, dot silhouettes of the flowers-to-be on all nails.
  3. Using the same dotting tool or brush, fill in  the white flower silhouettes with white polish.
  4. Using the thin detailing nail art brush, draw tiny orange lines on the white flower silhouettes, ie. separate/outline the petals as pictured. Do it on all nails.
  5. Using the same nail art brush, add orange details onto the petals and add the center of each flower as pictured.
  6. Using the smallest dotting tool with white polish, add groups of 2-3 tiny dots on each nail, as pictured.
  7. Allow 15 minute for your design to dry (clean up around cuticles while waiting), then apply 2 coats of clear top coat to seal and smooth the design.

Hawaiian flower nail art tutorialHawaiian flower nail art tutorialHawaiian nail art

Using: Sea Siren Leucosia and Clownfish Conga. Essie Good To Go top coat and these dotting tools.
Wearing: Flower Crown Ring.

So, what do you think about this Hawaiian flower nail art? Are you planning a holiday somewhere special?

– Maria, xx

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