Happy Easter Nails

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easter nails, cute easter nails‘Happy Easter Nails’ that’s the only name for this manicure. First of all, because we’re wishing you all… well, Happy Easter! Secondly, because this nail art is a very happy one. Pretty colours and cute Easter inspired patterns. As you may have noticed, we usually feature nail art with geometric patterns and clean, sharp lines so this one is very unusual for us. For example, our first Easter nails are more in keeping with our signature style.

However, it’s always nice to step out of your comfort zone and do something completely the opposite of what you’d usually do. Sometimes the result of your efforts can exceed expectations. Not to mention, the joy derived from experimenting will outweigh any anxiety from forging new ground. We didn’t choose a traditional easter colour palette either but instead utilised four shades from the new Orly Hope & Freedom collection. They are still pastels, but without the classic blueish-pinkish shades with cool undertones. Orly Hope & Freedom colours are warm and more spring like, they evoke the  colours of the first flowers and fresh, young leaves. That’s just what we wanted to celebraate in our manicure, the sense of happiness and freshness that Easter brings every year!

Want to know how we did these? Scroll down for a quick how to…

cute easter nailseaster nails cute pastel nailsorly hope and freedom nail art 1cute easter nails, spring nails


  1. Paint your nails in different shades as pictured. Let it dry.
  2. With a toothpick draw zigzag patterns on middle and ring nails.
  3. Again, using a toothpick, draw flower (5 yellow dots with a red dot in a middle) and dots patterns on pointer and little finger.
  4. With toothpick dot multicoloured dots on your thumb.
  5. Finish your manicure with 2 layers of high shine top coat or matte top coat.

Used: Orly Boho Bonnet, Elation Generation, Melodious Utopia, Coachella Dweller and Essie Matte About You.

So what about you lovelies? Did you do some special Easter nails? Tweet or Instagram us @So_Nailicious #sonailicious, we’d love to see your nail art!

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