Elegant Halloween Nail Tutorial

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halloween nail art tutorial 1Not into ghosts or pumpkins and want something more sophisticated for your nails this Halloween? Use our Halloween nail art tutorial to create this femme fatale worthy nail design. We used classic red and black paired with studded details to achieve maximum fierceness. However, this nail design would also look great in almost any other contrasting shades from a gold and black to nude and navy or even black and white.

Another great thing about this elegant nail design is that it’s suitable for short nails too. The V-shape in the middle of the nail visually makes the nails look longer. So make sure you pin or bookmark this Halloween nail art tutorial, it will come handy more than once!

halloween nail art tutorialHOW TO:

  1. Paint all nails in red polish. Apply top coat and let it dry.
  2. Attach striping tape (or the usual sticky tape) as pictured in a shape of sharp triangles*.
  3. Now, work one nail at a time: Accurately paint with black polish inside the V-shape.
  4. Remove the sticky tape and using toothpick apply a stud at the nail bed as pictured**. Move onto the next nail.
  5. Using angled brush clean up around cuticles where required.
  6. Apply 1-2 layers of top coat over the whole design, securing the studs.

*If your hand is steady enough to paint perfectly straight lines on nails, skip the striping tape extravaganza and simply paint the V-shapes with a striping brush. It will save a lot of time.

** If you don’t have studs, just paint the V-shapes and you’re done. For an interesting twist, paint the V-shapes in black textured polish.

red and black nailselegant halloween nailsUsed: Isadora 643 Chelsea Red and Isadora 191 Black Lacquer, – thumb detail Isador Black Crush, BornPrettyStore studs and ORLY Polishield top coat.

How do you like these elegant Halloween nails? What are you planning to wear on October 31, classic Halloween nail art or something more sophisticated?

As always, whether you will use this Halloween nail tutorial or invent your own spooky nail design, make sure you show us!  Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #sonailicioushalloween, we’d LOVE to see it!

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