Gothic Moon Nails

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gothic moon nailsGothic Moon nails were the unexpected outcome of a nail art experiment. I meant to try Essie Matte About You! When choosing colours for a matte manicure, it seemed like a good idea to keep it all in one ‘family’. So I picked Essie 763 Power Clutch (pictured) as a base to play with. It was an absolutely impromptu result as I have neither tried this shade before nor created manicures like that.

The result was so impressive I didn’t dare to proceed with the matte top coat. That will happen tomorrow! For now I just want to admire the perfect gloss and understated chic of these Gothic Moons.

Read on for a how to ;)

gold and black gothic nails 1HOW TO:

  1. Paint all nails in 2 coats of shimmering gold/silver polish. Let it dry.
  2. In two separate strokes paint with a dark chocolate polish over the gold base as pictured to create the spikey moon shape.
  3. Seal with a generous layer of fast dry top coat.
  4. Enjoy your Gothic Moon nails!

Used: Essie 763 Power Clutch, Revlon Golden Coin and NailsInc Top Coat.

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