Double French Manicure ft. Essie Fashion Playground for Vitality Show

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double french manicure with essie fashion playground

Truly, nail art inspiration can be found anywhere! This time the muse was tickets to the Vitality show in Sydney that we attended this weekend. The beautiful soft pink and mint colours inspired me to do a manicure to match it. While choosing the polishes, two new colours from the Essie Spring 2014 collection (it’s just arrived to Australia) – mint Essie Fashion Playground and teal Hide & Go Chic  got my attention. The pair looked so good together that I swapped this combo for the initial nail art idea. Well, women tend to change their mind and I am no exception :)

Anyhow, I’m quite happy with the double french manicure in mint and teal with silver half moon details. The colours are like were made for each other. As for the accent nail, I chose to do a different pattern to camouflage the broken nail. It’s so short at the moment that I had to do a pattern that visually made the nail look longer. Fingers crossed Nailtrition will kick in and the nail will grow back quickly!

To get the look follow this Upgraded French manicure tutorial, accent nail was free-hand painted.

double french manicureVitality Show SydneySoNailicious at Vitality showdouble french manicurenail art with essie fashion playground

Used: Orly Nailtrition, Essie Fashion Playground, Hide & Go Chic and No Place Like Chrome, Essie Good To Go top coat. Wearing Cross Ring and Minimalist Rings.

Now question time: what do you do when you break a nail and it’s much shorter than the other nails? Do you file them all off, apply extensions or use some camouflage techniques to make it less obvious?

And the last question, how do you like the new Essie colours? I reckon the Essie Fashion Playground and Hide & Go Chic are must haves. What do you think?

– Maria, xx

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