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flower nails

If you’re a fan of floral nails and feel like you’ve done it all, then these minimalist flower nails should be your next project! I bet you have done nothing like this before ;) It’s a great nail art idea with a plenty of room for experimentation. Plus, this manicures is very feminine, just like all floral nails, yet it is edgy and understated at the same time.

I had an idea for this manicure in my head for quite some time. So it was very satisfying to finally do it and see that it turned out really well…


The white flowers are in fact, the prototype of the new SoNailicious Stickers! I’ve been working on a new collection for almost 3 months now. Because I’m trying to create something quite different than my signature Geometric patterns (and we already have 22 different edgy styles!), it’s very hard to decide which new patterns to include! For instance, I was definite about the monochrome florals, because I was thinking about them for months… meanwhile, I’m yet to decide which of my other ideas will become reality.

I can tell you it’s such an incredible feeling to realise your ideas, even if it’s just some patterns from your head that become stickers that people use for their nail designs!

UPDATE: the NEW Floral Rhapsody stickers are now available! See and shop all the new nail sticker styles here.

spring flower nail artpurple flower nails with cirque colors high line{MATTE VERSION}

delicate rose gold ringdelicate nail artUsed:

I quite like the idea of minimalist floral nails – they look so chic and understated yet still feminine enough. I’m keen to experiment more with this look, so it’s safe to assume you’ll see more floral nail designs on SoNailicious.com in the nearest future ;)

Now, over to you!

Are you a fan of floral nails and how to do you like these minimalist flower nails – nailed it or failed it?

– Maria, xx


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