Super Hero Nail Care for Fashion Week

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fashion week nail care essentials

Our fashion week series would be incomplete without mentioning these three super hero nail care products. You can rely on them to ensure your hands and manicure will stay picture perfect for the entire week.

1. A’kin Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream, US $8.00 here. and AUS $15.99 here (currently on sale!).

Whether it’s because of winter or just the general stress of fashion week, my hands tend to get extremely dry. To combat this, I use extra moisturing cream several times during the day and just before I go to sleep. This requires a hand cream that’s non-steaky, non-greasy and absorbs very fast. A’kin does all that, plus, it’s toxin-free, cruelty-free and acts as a nail and cuticle cream too. The compact package is also perfect for a handbag.

2. ORLY Flash Dry Drops, US $10, here. Aussie friends – try these drops.

Time is everything during the fashion week. Lucky you if you have some spare time to paint your nails but you will certainly have no time to wait for your mani to dry. Quick drying drops are a must have item for any nail loving fashionista! If you’re not familiar with this life saving trick, I explain here how you can dry your nails in 3 minutes or less.

3. Dior Gel Coat, US $27 here and AUS $41 here.

A great top coat is everything! I need to use a fail safe top coat that will dry my nails in a flash, add a superb gloss and most importantly, won’t chip. One year, on the fourth day of fashion week, my front row compatriot & I were talking about nails before the show. She swore shellac was the answer for the grueling schedule. We compared nails & next to hers, my three day old manicure still looked like new – “All you need is a great top coat”. 

So they’re my three go-to nail care products.

Now over to you!

What nail care products are you loving at the moment? What do you use when you need a fail-safe product? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking to try and share more great finds!

– Maria, xx

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