Facebook Nail Polish: Is That a Beginning of a New Trend?

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facebook nail polish 1On this side of the world, we’ve been busy attending the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo while on the other side of the world in California, Facebook starts selling their own branded nail polish. Yes that’s right, Facebook nail polish!

The nail polish is called “Social Butterfly Blue” and it doesn’t have the widely recognized Facebook logo on the packaging, but there is a small art-deco style butterfly logo. The existence of this nail polish was only discovered thanks to a photo tweeted by the executive editor oh Huffington Post, Bianca Basker.

Facebook nail polish isn’t that easy to buy, it’s only available in the Facebook shop (in California) and to get a bottle of “Social Butterfly Blue” for US$4.95 you have to visit the shop in person.

Now, the question is: are we witnessing a beginning of a new trend – social media nails? Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, will it release a branded nail polish too? “Food Paparazzi” in red or “Selfie Pro” in brown? Can we expect Twitter to release some kind of nail art kit with birds nail decals? Since they compete with Facebook for our spare time, will they also compete for some spare space on our nails?

Finally a question, what social media nail polish would you wear… if any?

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