2 Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas With NCLA Toppers

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easy Valentines day nail ideas

If you’re looking for a super quick and easy way to do your Valentine’s Day nails, these new awesome NCLA toppers are for you!

NCLA Love Me has classic red heart glitter particles with a subtle metallic effect. NCLA Heartbreaker is a mix of matte hexagonal black glitter and white pearlescent hearts. Both toppers are excellent for layering over your favorite pastel polish, accent nail manicuresglitter placement manicures or even jelly sandwiches, if you wish!

Plus, with these toppers you can ‘fake’ at least half the manicures from this Valentine’s Nail Design compilation, Just use glitter particles instead of drawing love hearts. Genius right?

Look #1: Layering:  Sea Siren Sea Mist + NCLA Heartbreaker + Open Heart Ring. To get the look simply paint nails with your favorite opaque nail polish, preferably in a pastel shade, then add 1 coat of NCLA Heartbreaker and seal the deal with 2 coats of clear top coat.

Valentines day nails NCLA HeartbreakerNCLA Heartbreaker swatchesNCLA Heartbreaker swatchValentines day nails NCLA Heartbreaker 1

Look #2: Glitter Placement: Sea Siren Sea Mist + Pamper Me Pink + NCLA Heartbreaker + Open Heart Ring. To get the look, first do the half moon manicure as per this tutorial, then using tweezers or dotting tool place individual love heart glitter particles as pictured. Finish with 2 coats of a clear top coat.

NCLA Love me swatchNCLA love me swatchescute valentines day nailseasy valentines day nails NCLA love me

So what do you think about these Valentine’s Day nail ideas, easy right? Have you tried NCLA Heartbreaker or Love Me before? What other cool V-Day toppers do you like?

– Maria, xx

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