1 Polish 3 Ways: Easy Nail Ideas

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easy nail ideas 1 polish 3 ways

Sometimes there’s just no time (or inclination) to do any complicated nail art but you still want to have some interesting nails. Or maybe you’re tired of wearing plain nails and want a quick way to spice up your manicure. Luckily, these days we have everything at our disposal to convert plain nails into a statement look with little effort. Here are some easy nail ideas for you!


  • Plain polish. We used Dance Legend Radiant Orchid but any other colour will do.
  • Matte glitter
  • Matte Top Coat.  We used Essie Good To Go.
  • Black Textured Polish

LOOK 1: Plain nails.

Paint 2 coats of your favorite polish and let it dry.

dance legend radiant orchid

LOOK 2: Speckled Nails.

Apply one coat of any matte glitter you have. We used Ulta 3 Stop The Press, other great matte glitter toppers – Platinum Artiste.

You can either finish your manicure with a glossy or matte top coat.

easy nail ideas nail design 2 easy nail ideas matte 1

LOOK 3: Speckled Nails With Accent Nail.

Based on Look 2. Simply apply textured polish over one or two accent nails. You can apply it over the paint that is already on your nail or quickly remove the old paint and re-apply a textured polish. It depends how thick the textured. In our case we used Isadora Black Crush and it’s quite thick, so one 1 coat of it was sufficient to cover the first, bright layer.

easy nail ideas nail design 3 easy nail ideas 3

Easy, right? What other easy nail ideas do you have? What do you do with your nails when you’d like to do something really simple or have no time for elaborate nail art.

– Maria, xx

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