5-Minute Halloween Nail Art How-to

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easy halloween nail art how to

These orange and black Halloween nails are perfect for anyone looking to join the celebrations with no time for elaborate nail designs. Done in traditional Halloween colours, this easy design is the answer! Done, literally in 5 minutes, it’s a perfect last minute Halloween nail art.

You can easily do these Halloween nails the night before while watching whatever it is you like to watch or during your lunch break if you didn’t get time do to your Halloween party nails the night before. High levels of concentration & perfect light are not required. No any special tools required either! What IS required though is time for your design to dry! You’ll need at least an hour, even with a fast drying top coat.

easy Halloween nails how to


  1. Paint one coat of black polish on all nails.
  2. Now work one nail at a time: paint one thick coat of black polish – allow 5-10 seconds for it to dry depending on how fast drying your polish is. You still want it to be pretty wet but not so wet that it gathers at the corners of your nails.
  3. With orange nail polish using polish brush, make one large dot in the center of the freshly painted black nail. Then immediately dot 6 or 7 dots around it – not too close to each other. Leave sufficient space for the orange dots to spread in the black polish. – Repeat steps 2-3 on all nails. Wait at least 30 minutes for your nails to dry and then accurately seal the design with a fast drying glossy top coat. Done!
  4. If you’re feeling more adventures use 3 different colours to do the dots. The same way as described above.

easy Halloween nailsorange and black halloween nailseasy halloween nail art how toorange and black Halloween nail art

Used: BioSculpture 6876 Black, Picture Polish Totes, on thumb – OPI Yellopalooza and The Drummer is Hot, ORLY Polishield top coat. Wearing High-Five ring.

So how do you like this Halloween nail idea? Have you tried this technique before?

By the way, if you know who the original creator of this technique is, let me know in the comments below!

– Maria, xx

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