Tutorial: Dripping Blood Halloween Nails

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The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner and that means… Halloween nails! For this Dripping Blood design, I paired two classic colours – red and black, to match almost any Halloween costume. And, to make this nail art really stand out I added cuticle art! It’s unusual and bold look, perfect for a Halloween party.

This Halloween nail design is suitable for beginners and is very quick to do. Just follow our tutorial.

You will need:

  • red, white and black nail polishes
  • striping tape
  • detailing nail art brush
  • base coat and top coat

halloween nail design, halloween nails how to


  1. Paint all nails in red and wait till your nails are touch-dry.
  2. Cut square pieces of tape and place as pictured. Leave middle finger and thumb without the tape.
  3. Now work one nail at a time. Paint the nail with black nail polish, then carefully remove the tape with tweezers. Repeat on all nails with tape.
  4. Draw a black triangle on the top of the middle finger and thumb nail.
  5. Use a detailing nail art brush to draw the drops. On the black nails, paint the drops with white polish and use black on the red nails.
  6. Wait till the white drops on the black nails are dry. Then, using a nail art brush, paint red polish over them. When it is done, apply a fast drying top coat. To finish your design continue to draw drops on your fingers using a detailing brush with red and black nail polishes.

Of course, cuticle art won’t be long lasting but for a Halloween party, it will do the trick!

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Used: Kinetics King Of Red, Kinetics Beginnings, Kinetics Jet Black and Essie Gel Top Coat.

Did you ever try cuticle art? Will you give these Halloween nails a go?

That’s it, enjoy!

– Elina/NailScope, xx

P.S. As always, whether you will use this Dripping Blood Halloween nail design tutorial or invent your own spooky manicure, make sure you show us. Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #sonailicioushalloween, we’d love to see your creations!

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