Diorific Vernis 001 Golden Shock Top Coat: Is It Worth It?

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diorific vernis golden shock swatches review

Meet the most popular product from the Dior Holiday 2014 range – the luxurious Diorific Golden Shock gold leaf top coat! And even though gold leaf top coats is not a novelty anymore, they have been around for about 3 years now, – it’s better later then never! It appears that I’m not the only thinking that way, because in just 2 weeks after the launch the Diorific Golden Shock topper was already sold out in almost any shop. Initially I decided to skip this product, at $45 per bottle in Australia another gold leaf top coat was a questionable investment. But as soon as swatches of Diorific Golden Shock popping up all over my Instagram feed, I was at the Dior counter before I knew it.

So now dear readers, here’s our detailed review to help you decide whether you need to make this investment.

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REVIEW – Diorific Vernis 001 Golden Shock Top Coat:

  • Formula:  A clear top coat with a large flakes of gold glitter. 5-FREE and cruelty-free formula.
  • Application: One thin coat is enough. You can attempt to fish out some extra particles to add to your nails but in this case, less is better. Too much glitter can look messy rather than luxurious. Avoid applying the glitter particles too close to the nail edge and ensure they stay flat without folding over. No top coat is capable of smoothing folded glitter particles this large so take your time.
  • Finish: 2-3 layers of a top coat is essential to smooth the nail surface.
  • Nail Art: perfect as a topper. However, I’ve attempted glitter gradient and glitter placement and neither looked good.

diorific golden shock top coat swatches

Overall Impression: Diorific Golden Shock is a luxurious gold leaf top coat perfect for adding some extra sparkle to a festive manicure. It’s just as stunning as other Diorific polishes but can be hard to apply unless you’re a skilled polish lover. Was it a worth while investment? I still can’t decide, but it’s strangely satisfying that my Diorific Golden Shock collection is complete.

Availability:  Diorific Golden Shock top coat – $28 online only here, it’s sold out every where else. In Australia – via Dior beauty counters – $45.

Have you tried the new Diorific Golden Shock topper? What did you think, worth it or not?

– Maria, xx

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