Pure Gold For Your Nails: Diorific Gold Equinoxe 241 – Review & Nail Art

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diorific gold Equinoxe swatch review

After some technical problems caused by more storms in Sydney, I’m back on track with our Diorific Odyssey! Next in the queue – the golden shimmer Diorific Equinoxe. You may think it’s just another gold polish but let me reassure you there’s more to it. If, like me, you’ve been trying to find the perfect gold polish, you’ll know gold as any other metallics can be really tricky to apply. Brush strokes and every other imperfection are typically highlighted when using metallics. By contrast, Diorific Equinoxe was a treat to use. It goes on smoothly and evenly like a perfect creme, except it’s a gold shimmer!

Recently I’ve read a review that slammed Diorific Equinoxe because the reviewer considered this shade of gold unflattering. I’d say that line of criticism is nothing to do with the quality of the polish and more about an inability to choose the right shade. Personally, I was amazed by the quality of Diorific Equinoxe’s formula and how beautiful and sparkling the gold effect shade is.

For more technical details read the review below!

diorific gold Equinoxe swatchdiorific gold Equinoxe nail polishdiorific gold polish swatches

REVIEW – Diorific Vernis Gold Equinoxe 241:

  • Formula:  A fast drying, 5-FREE and cruelty-free formula. One great thing about this particular gold polish is that it’s highly pigmented and two thin coats are enough to get even coverage.
  • Application: The Diorific Gold Equinoxe formula for some reason was more liquid than Diorific Shock, making it even easier to apply. Also, this polish dries out evenly without any streaks.
  • Finish: Very glossy shimmering metallic in a true gold shade. Top coat didn’t really make any difference to the polish’s appearance. We concluded Diorific Gold Equinoxe is glossy enough on its own – photos above no top coat.
  • Wearability: 4 days with a top coat.
  • Nail Art: Diorific Gold Equinoxe looks great on its own and can be used for any kind of nail art or for gold details. The formula is really easy to work with. It look fantastic when used with other polishes from the Diorific Golden Shock range. The nail art below – Diorific Gold Equinoxe, Diorific Smoky and Diorific Shock.

diorific gold Equinoxe swatch reviewgold nailsdiorific Equinoxe nail polish nail artdiorific golden shock nail polishes swatchesdiorific gold Equinoxe swatch

Overall Impression: If you’re looking for a perfect gold nail polish, look no further – Diorific Gold Equinoxe is the one. It’s the shiniest and the easiest to apply out of the 22 gold polishes I own. It is expensive but the superior quality makes it a worthwhile investment.

SoNailicious Recommends.

Availability:  Diorific Vernis Gold Equinoxe 241 – $27 online only here. In Australia – via Dior beauty counters – $43.

Have you tried any of the Diorific polishes yet? What do you think about the Gold Equinoxe?

– Maria, xx

NOTE: this is the fourth post from the Diorific Golden Shock series, you’ll find our previous posts here. Make sure to  follow us via Bloglovin to see the next post or subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for weekly updates.



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