Dior Perle Trianon Review & Cloudy Ombre Nails

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dior perle trianon reviewdior perle trianon review

So the object of our desire has become a reality! Due to it’s unique colour and mattifying qualities, it didn’t take long to convince myself that the limited edition Dior Perle Trianon nail polish simply had to be mine. It didn’t disappoint. This entire rainy weekend was spent layering it over different polishes and discovering the various ways Dior Perle can be utilised. After much investigation it was found that:

  1. Dior Perle looks best layered over pastel or dark nail polishes from the blue or pink colour family;
  2. It can be used for details but the details will be very subtle and it’s too sheer to use it like a typical nail polish. Dior Perle looks much better layered over colour, i.e. it’s a perfect topper.

The full review & the cloudy ombre nail art details below!


  • Formula: Very easy to apply, very fast drying and 3-free.
  • Application: Very sheer, as a topper 1 coat is enough to produce a beautiful shimmering, matte finish.
  • Finish: Slightly textured matte with pearlescent finish.
  • Brush: Fantastic brush!
  • Wearability: Without a top coat it lasted 3 days chip free.
  • Nail Art: Perfect for layering.

dior perle comparison


This nail look was done using a marbling technique with a needle. If you have our ’30 Easy Nail Art Tutorials’ e-book, just follow this cloudy ombre nails tutorial.

Used: Estee Lauder Bete Noire, Essie Go Ginza and Essie Good To Go. Later, on top – Dior Perle, wearing a Shooting Star ring.

cloudy ombre nails cloudy ombre nails 3dior perle trianon review 2dior perle nail polish review

Dior Perle Trianon overall Impression: A unique matte topper with a pearlescent effect. If you like subtle manicures, Dior Perle is your polish. It’s stunning and the quality is excellent but… personally I prefer something a bit brighter. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s really hard to photograph (my camera ignored Perle’s subtle sparkles). Having said that, it would be hard to find a nail polish more suitable for a first date or wedding than Dior Perle – fact!

Availability: available now, US$25, here or via your local Dior beauty counter; in Australia, via Myer, $40.

So, what do you think about Dior Perle? Like it? Do you feel like you need Perle in your collection?

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