Dior Blop: The Only Denim Blue Nail Polish You Need in Your Stash

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dark blue dior nail polish dior blop swatch

Dior Blop is one of the four new colours released as a part of the Dior Cool Wave 2018 Limited Edition collection. It’s unusual for a summer collection to include such dark nail colour as this denim blue nail polish. However, Dior is no stranger to breaking rules. Remember last years Blazing Bronze?

The elegant yet daring Dior Blop looks fabulous on both tanned and fair complexion. And most importantly, it’s very flattering! I’m a massive fan of dark nails and blue colour and Dior gets big thumbs up for creating such beautiful shade of blue. Even though, it’s a summer nail colour I will be definitely wearing this one all year round.

For all the juicy details read my full review below.

dior blop swatchREVIEW:

Finish/Colour: a highly pigmented and ultra glossy denim blue nail polish in a classic creme finish. You can easily get away with just 1 coat but I’d suggest 2 thin coats instead. Pictured 2 coats with a top coat.

Formula: 5-free, very fast drying and long-lasting.

Application: Absolutely flawless. Dior Blop covers your nails evenly and the signature Dior’s extra-wide brush makes it very easy to apply nail polish without any mistakes. If you do make any mistakes though, they can be easily fixed with this angular brush – dip it in nail polish remover and run around cuticles to perfect your manicure.

Wearability: Very long-lasting, with a top coat Dior lacquers can last up to 7 – 10 days without chipping.

Nail Art: suitable for any kind of nail art. It looks great paired with other Dior nail polishes from the Cool Wave collection.

Dupes: I couldn’t find any dupes for the new Dior nail polishes in my collection. See photo below.

Extra Notes:even though it’s very pigmented and quite dark, Dior Blop does not stain your nails!

dior blop dupes{in shade}

dior 894 blop blue nail polish

Overall Impression: The new Dior Blop is a beautiful denim blue nail polish and as always, the formula is flawless. It’s a summer nail colour that looks fabulous on a slightly tanned skin. However, Blop looks equally fabulous on fair complexions, which makes it a great wear-all-year-around nail polish. So if you love dark nails or blue nail polishes, Blop is a must!

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Where to Buy: Dior Blop is available now US $28.00 here / AUD $41 here / £21.00 here.

Now, over to you!

How do you like Dior Blop, have you tried this one yet? If so, what do you think?

– Maria, xx


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