Delicate Edgy Moon Manicure With Ulta3 Summer 2014/15

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delicate nail art

This delicate nail art is a combination of my two favourite looks, geometric and half moon. Inspired by the soft and feminine colours of the new Ulta3 summer 2014/15 collection, I wanted to create a nail design to reflect the mood of the range. Something understated and whimsical was the objective.

HOW TO: Start with the light lilac base colour, Ulta3 Woolly Days. At the base of each nail, using a striping nail art brush, paint tiny edgy moons with Ulta3 Radiant Orchid. The final step is to outline the tiny moons with a soft yellow polish. Ulta3 Lacy Daisy is perfect for this. Finish your manicure with 2 layers of a quick drying glossy (or matte) top coat. Easy!

With nail art trends shifting towards more elegant designs, I think this Delicate Edgy Moons manicure has great potential. This nail design is office-friendly if done in neutral colours. It can be easily adapted for a special occasion, try jewel tones with gold or silver combos. You could even try something similar to this floating negative space manicure, just keep the geometric shapes small, perfect!

Ulta3 lacy daisyUlta3 woolly daysdelicate edgy moons manicure with Ulta3delicate nail art with Ulta3Ulta3 summer 2015 collection

The new Ulta3 summer collection includes:

  • Lacy Daisy – soft yellow
  • Candy Mohair – light pink
  • Coral Silk – light coral
  • Cherry Taffeta – bright pink
  • Woolly Days – light lilac
  • Radiant Orchid – bright amethyst
  • Soft Voile – light blue

Available: $2.00 – from Target and selected pharmacies in Australia.

Have you tried these new Ulta3 polishes ? Which of the 7 colours do you like the most? And, finally what do you think about this Delicate Edgy Moons manicure?

– Maria, xx

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