Dance Legend Flossy Top Coat 153: A Multitasking Topper

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dance legend flossy 153 review swatches

Dance Legend Flossy Top Coat 153 was the first ever Dance Legend polish I bought. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to wear it properly it’s hard to believe it took me so long! It’s delicate combination of opaque glitters – blue, pink and white makes it really a unique and multitasking topper. Perfect for layering, toppers like this allow to create seem to be complex manicures (almost like nail art) without actually doing any nail art at all. One swipe of a brush and your usual plain polish is transformed into some funky manicure. Just don’t tell anyone, it’s only a topper!

I went for an easy, well balanced look simply by layering the Flossy topper over a light pink polish in a shade matching the pink glitter particles. However, opportunities for experiments are endless! Dance Legend Flossy will look equally fantastic layered over pastel polishes and anything almost black, ie. dark navy, dark purple or dark grey. This quality makes it a perfect multitasking topper – great for colder months, ie. wear it with a black base and perfect for a flirty summer, ie. do a quick glitter gradient over pastel yellow polish.

Want to learn more about this beauty? Read our thorough review below!

dance legend flossy top coat 153 reviewdance legend flossy top coat review

  • Formula: Easy to apply, a bit more liquid then average. 3-free.
  • Application: Dance Legend Flossy Top Coat 153 has good density of glitter making it easy to apply – shown – 1 layer of top coat over pink polish.
  • Finish: Beautiful topper with white bar particles and matte bright blue and bubble gum pink hexagonal particles. You’d need to wear a glossy top coat over the topper to even out glitter bumps.
  • Brush: mid thickness brush, quite easy to use.
  • Wearability: It’s a top coat so it really depends on what polish you wear underneath it.
  • Nail Art: Perfect for mix and match manicures, jelly sandwich nails and glitter gradient manicures. It looks particularly great layered over light blue, pink and black nail polishes.

dance legend flossy review cute nails

Dance Legend Flossy Top Coat 153 overall Impression: Beautiful topper with colourful, unusual opaque glitter. Great density of glitter particles makes it easy to use. Perfect for freshening up your existing manicure by adding just one layer of this topper or as a part of more complex nail art looks.

Nail Polish available: online here, $11.60.
Rings: Happy Daisy Ring & Shooting Star Ring.

So, what do you think about Dance Legend Flossy topper? Love it or loath it? Have you tried Dance Legend Flossy top coats before?

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