The Essential Cuticle Care Guide: Why do you need to care about cuticles?

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cuticle care, healthy cuticlesAs you may know, Thursdays on SoNailicious are dedicated to nail care. Today’s article started as a 5 top tips for dry cuticle care but has grown into a full-on cuticle care guide. Why?

Firstly, because these little things are the foundation of our nail worlds (see the 3 reasons below?). Secondly, because during our research (yes, research on cuticles!) we discovered many unexpected and useful facts that deserve to be shared with you, dear readers. It’s too much information to fit into one article so we decided to create ‘The Essential Cuticle Care Guide’ sub-series within our Nail Care series.

So let’s get started with 3 reasons why it is essential to look after cuticles.

  1. Aesthetic. A pair of perfectly manicured hands can help make a great first impression. Healthy, well groomed cuticles is one of the main (if not the main) components that make your manicure look perfect while dry, ragged and cracked cuticles can ruin otherwise flawless nail art.  Case in point, all top nail art bloggers have perfectly groomed cuticles. That partly contributes to their success.
  2. Health. The cuticle plays an important role in the health of your nails. They provide a protective shield for the tissue that grows the new cells that build the nails. Your nails are constantly growing and they are made of a hard type of protein called keratin. Keratin serves as a protector for your fingertips. The cuticle protects new, soft keratin as it emerges onto the nail. If your cuticles are doing their job well, your nail tips will be stiff and even.
  3. No dramas. If you neglect or mistreat cuticles, they can cause problems including weak, brittle nails and even painful nail infections. It is easy to prevent these infections by simply looking after your cuticles well. That means knowing about the beauty care products that can help your cuticles and the habits that can be damaging to your nails.

So it’s extremely important to take care of your cuticles because it will lead to stronger and healthier nails.

What’s your best tips for cuticle care?

– Maria, xx

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