Minnie Mouse Cupcake Nails: How-To

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minnie mouse cupcake nails how to

Why not try something different for your nails this week? How about something cute? Ribbons, bows, polka dots, cupcakes are all design elements of the epitome of cuteness – Minnie Mouse. Well, maybe not cupcakes but they’re cute enough to be part of this tutorial anyway! Today we’ll show you how to do Minnie Mouse inspired nail art. It’s easy and looks fantastic on short nails. If you don’t have time for the whole set, one accent nail of say, a cupcake, will work fine. Just paint your other nails in Minnie Mouse’s signature colours of yellow, white, red and black.

Without further ado, let’s see the how-to!

You’ll need:

  • Black, White, Red Polish
  • Black, White, Yellow Acrylic Paint (if you don’t have acrylics, use polishes)
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Fine brush
  • Dotting Tool


minnie mouse nails how to

  1. Paint on a base coat. Follow with colour – on your index finger and ring finger, paint red polish and white polish respectively.
  2. Using a dotting tool, dot with a white polish or acrylic paint – one big dot and  two smaller dots, to represent the ears of Mickey Mouse head.
  3. On your ring finger using black acrylic paint, draw a cupcake shape with a little bow on top of the icing. Also paint two little circles at the sides of the bow, to represent the ears of the Minnie Mouse Cupcake.
  4. Fill in the base of the cupcake and the ribbon with red acrylic paint or polish.
  5. On your middle finger: tape your nail about 1/3 from the tip and paint black polish on the nail. Remove tape immediately.
  6. Using red polish, fill in the rest of the middle finger nail which was previously covered by tape.
  7. Tape half of your pinkie finger nail and paint on red polish. Remove tape immediately.
  8. Using a fine brush, draw some curved lines on the unpainted side of the pinkie.
  9. On the pinkie: fill in the space you just outlined with yellow acrylic paint or polish.
  10. Using black acrylic paint, draw three lines in the yellow painted space. Allow a few minutes for your design to set and seal it all with 2 layers of clear, fast drying top coat.

Used: OPI Natural base coatOPI Big Apple Red, Essie Blanc, OPI Black Onyx, Yellow, Red and Black Oumaxi Acrylic Paint; and Essie Good To Go top coat.

Hope you enjoyed this Minnie Cupcake nail art tutorial and we look forward to seeing your version!

Kay Woo

If you recreate this nail design, make sure you tag Kay @twentysixnails and @So_Nailicious in your photo on Instagram we’d love to see and share your work!

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