Super Cute Halloween Nails Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

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cute halloween nailsHow about some super cute Halloween nails for this ghoulish celebration? This design was partially art directed by my 4 year old daughter, Anastasia, who likes all things cute. For example, she prefers to dress up as a princess instead of a ghoul for Halloween. Fair call, she still meets the original tenet of this ancient celebration – to dress up as someone else to mislead bad spirits.

So when Anastasia brought this Halloween bracelet to me a couple of days ago and asked “Mama, can you paint a cute skull like this on your nails?”, of course, I had to try! She loved these cute Halloween nails I created and even requested the same manicure for her little nails too. So if you too would like to try this cute Halloween manicure, here’s how-to:

  1. Paint all nails in black except your ring finger – paint that in white.
  2. To do the ribbons: with a liner nail art brush, first paint white stripes as pictured over the black nails. Over the white nail, using the same nail art brush paint with the colour of your choice (green, pink, blue and purple).
  3. To do the skull: on the white nail use a detailing nail art brush and black polish to paint the outline of the skull. Once done, fill in the areas around the skull outline. Paint eyes, lashes, nose and add a pink bow.
  4. Clean up any mistakes and around cuticles with a sharp angled brush.
  5. Wait till your design is dry and seal it with 2-3 coats of glossy top coat. Done!

cute skull nailscute halloween nails cute halloween nailscute halloween nailscute skull nails for halloween


So how do you like these Cute Halloween nails? What nails did you wear and how did you celebrate Halloween this year?

– Maria, xx


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