Tutorial: Christmas Sweater Nails

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Christmas sweater nails

Sweater nails are perfect for Christmas. Whether it is snowing or not in your part of the world, you can easily add some festive vibes to your look by wearing a cosy sweater… on your nails! This nail art may look a bit complicated but it’s much easier than knitting a jumper and you already have all the materials. Sweater nails can be done in any colour combination you like. Try neon sweater nails if you’re in a summer part of the world this christmas or go for dark neutrals if you’re in the snow.  Now, let’s do it!

Follow our 6 step tutorial to get ready for the sweater season!


Christmas sweater nails tutorial


  1. Decide which nails will be brown and gold and apply 2 coats of nail polish on each nail.
  2. Start creating the sweater texture on your pointer finger by drawing a row of short, diagonal brush strokes as pictured.
    Then add one more beside the first one and add one coat of glitter to the gold nail.
  3. Finish creating the sweater texture (rows of short diagonal brush stokes) on your pointer and little finger nails.
  4. Take a detailing nail art brush and draw the pattern on your middle finger as pictured.
  5. Use a striping nail art brush to draw long thin lines on the both sides of the pattern. If some lines didn’t turn out well, use a detailing brush to correct any mistakes and smooth uneven lines.
  6. Finish the design by adding dots to the middle finger pattern. Allow 15 minute for your design to dry, then apply a clear top coat to seal and smooth the design.

Christmas sweater nail artChristmas sweater nails how to

Used: Orly Bonder base coat, OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know? and My Vampire Is Buff, China Glaze 2030, Catrice Stars & Stories and Seche Vite top coat.

What do you think about these Christmas sweater nails? Keen to give it a go?

As always, if you try this tutorial, make sure you show us your creations! We’d love to see you work – Tweet or Instagram us a photo with the tag #sonailicious.

– Elina/NailScope, xx

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