Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo: Must Haves… or Not?

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chanel vibrato chanel fortissimo review

Hooray! Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo have arrived in Australia! Finally. Living in Australia certainly has many advantages (beaches!) but it also comes at a cost. The seasons are the opposite of most of the fashion world and it takes new nail polish collections a long time to arrive, if they arrive at all. So after shedding tears over the Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo photos that European nail polish lovers were posting all over Instagram, I can finally add the pair to my collection too! The fabulous Blue Rhythm de Chanel collection was released for 1 night only for Vogue’s FNO. Fortunately I live in Sydney, so I was able to attend it. And of course, I went in early to avoid any dramas like I had with Chanel Sweet Star last year.

So today my friends, after thorough road-testing Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo during the last 3 days I present you the review and swatches. Read on!

chanel vibrato swatcheschanel vibratochanel vibrato swatchchanel fortissimo swatcheschanel fortissimo chanel fortissimo swatch


Formula: 5-free. But not as fast drying and not as highly pigmented as Chanel polishes typically are. You’ll need 2 – 3 coats to get them fully opaque (3 coats pictured).

Application: The brushes in my polishes were a bit fluffy, not like the signature Chanel brushes at all. So I can’t really say it was easy to apply. Certainly not as easy as Dior Cosmopolite polishes with their impeccable brushes.

Finish: Chanel Vibrato is a high gloss classic creme in a vibrant cobalt blue shade. Chanel Fortissimo is a midnight blue metallic. Both polishes can be worn without a top coat but to make your mani last longer, add 1-2 layers of high shine top coat.

Wearability: Both lasted for 3 days so far and haven’t chipped yet! :)

Nail Art: Great for any kind of nail art but also quite beautiful on its own.

 chanel fortissimo reviewchanel vibrato ysl bleu majorelle comparisionchanel vibrato review

Overall Impression: I recommended Chanel Mediterranee without any hesitation, I’m not as certain about Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo. The formula and sub-standard brushes left me a bit disappointed. But don’t get me wrong – these are absolutely stunning colours! So if you’re not a nail brush nerd like me and really want to add these beautiful blue polishes to your collection then yes, go for it!

If you’re just after similar colours, try these alternatives that perform better and don’t cost as much:

Availability:  Chanel Vibrato and Fortissimo, US $27 available here;  AUS $39.00 – here.

Wearing:  Gunmetal Knuckle Rings.

So, what do you thinkVibrato and Fortissimo ? Will you be getting them? Or, were you lucky to get any of these during the VFNO or during summer somewhere in Europe?

– Maria, xx

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