Chanel 683 Sunrise Trip: The Revolutionary Jelly

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chanel sunrise trip nail polish

The limited edition Chanel Sunrise Trip Le Vernis Nail Gloss is the only nail colour from the new L.A. Sunrise Spring 2016 Collection. The entire beauty collection consists of vibrant, bright colours with interesting effects which is quite a departure from the traditional delicate Chanel spring offerings.

The most remarkable thing about this collection is that with Sunrise Trip, Chanel launches a new gel-like nail lacquer formula, hence the new range name ‘Le Vernis Nail Gloss’. In addition to a high gloss finish, the new formula adds incredible depth and vibrancy to the colour. The almost black Chanel Sunrise Trip, when applied on nails, transforms into deep dark purple and in direct light, it looks bright vivid purple with navy hues and subtle shimmer.

Sounds intriguing? Read our full review below!

chanel sunrise trip review

{photo above – in shade, below – in direct sunlight}

chanel sunrise trip swatcheschanel sunrise trip nail gloss reviewchanel sunrise trip swatch


Formula: 5-free. Fast drying and highly pigmented jelly. So the consistency is a bit sheer but two coats is enough to get Chanel Sunrise Trip fully opaque (2 coats pictured).

Application: This jelly polish goes on flawlessly and 100% streak free. You can still see a bit of the nail underneath but there are no streaks.

Finish/Colour: A very glossy ink purple jelly that looks almost black in shade but transforms in bright purple in direct sunlight and even yields a subtle shimmering effect that isn’t visible in low light. This polish can be easily worn without a top coat (pictured swatches – no top coat, just 2 coats of Chanel 683 Sunrise Trip). If you compare the photos of swatches (no top coat – all photos above) with the nail design (2 coats of top coat – all photos below), you will see no difference in glossiness.

Nail Art: Perfect as a base, for sheer details or gradient manicures.

Dupes: There are no similar dupes.

Wearability: Very long lasting, Chanel Sunrise Trip lasted for 7 days with top coat.

Extra Notes: The brush was a bit fluffy and very different (in a bad way) from regular Chanel polishes. It was the same low-quality brush that Chanel Vibrato had. It really undermined my joy when using this polish, no to mention it made application more difficult. I’m curious whether it’s just in Australia that we get these low-quality brushes or is it the same in all markets?

chanel sunrise trip nail gloss reviewchanel sunrise trip swatches review

Overall Impression: Chanel 683 Sunrise Trip is a vibrant, almost black purple that has a flawless, streak free, jelly finish. If you can overlook the wacky brush, this Limited Edition nail colour with excellent formula is so beautiful, that it’s a must have!

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Availability:  Chanel Sunrise Trip, US $28 is available here and here. Aussie friends, you can get it at DJ’s for AUS $41.00 – here. (they have listed it as ‘Sunset Trip’ for some reason).

Wearing:  Gunmetal Knuckle ring.

So, Chanel Sunrise Trip, what do you think about it? How do you like the colour and the new formula? And what about that brush, anyone else had a problem with the Chanel Sunrise Trip brush?

– Maria, xx

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