Chanel Lamé Rouge Noir: The Perfect Party Topper

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chanel lame rouge noir le top coat swatches

Our 2015 Holiday Collections odyssey would be incomplete without Chanel Lamé Rouge Noir. It’s the third nail product from the Chanel Vamp Attitude 2015 collection. Yep, I didn’t refer to it as ‘nail polish’ because it’s a gold leaf top coat. This product is Chanel’s unique take on the gold leaf top coat trend. But if you think Chanel is a bit late to jump on the gold leaf band wagon, let me reassure you, it’s so different from other toppers that I’d call it a must-have investment for any polish lover.

Here’s 3 reasons why Chanel Lamé Rouge Noir Le Top Coat is the best of the season:

  1. Flawless, hassle-free application. As you know, most gold leaf top coats require another layer of a clear top coat to even even out all the bumps the flakes create. Lame Rouge Noir flakes are so subtle and delicate that they don’t generate any bumps on the base nail polish surface. Plus, it’s very glossy so it can be used as a top coat on any nail polish.
  2. 3-D, multi-layered shimmering effect. The great density of gold flakes means just one coat is enough to create a stunning, rich shimmering effect while the dark-red tinted base and the semi-sheer texture of the flakes combine to create a multidimensional shimmer. You get 2 or 3 layers with just one brush stroke.
  3. Longevity. This topper will preserve it’s original state for years because the flakes won’t dissolve in the base and colour the base like some others. The texture is very different to the flakes in typical gold leaf toppers (think OPI Man With The Gold Gun). The gold flakes are individual chunks of shimmer similar to those in Diorific Golden Shock but much more delicate and flexible.

Case to the point, see a comparison of different gold leaf toppers below….

gold leaf top coats comparisongold leaf top coats comparisonchanel lame rouge noir reviewchanel lame rouge noir le top coat reviewchanel lame rouge noir le top coat review swatcheschanel lame rouge noir top coat reviewchanel lame rouge noir swatch

Pro Tip: To make the most of Chanel Lame Rouge Noir, shake the bottle very well prior to using as the chunky gold flakes sink to the bottom of the bottle. Also, because of the dark-red tinted base, avoid using this topper over nail colours that clash with red (i.e. no green or pure white polishes). However, the tinted base will go well with warmer colours. It will enhance red hues and look particularly great with its partner dark red cream, Chanel 18 Rouge Noir.

Overall Impression: Chanel has nailed it again! I’m very impressed with the  performance of Chanel Lame Rouge Noir. If I could only have one gold leaf top coat, this would be it. It’s shimmery yet chic and elegant. This topper will add a touch of glam to your finger tips and make you sparkle at the biggest party of the year.

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Available: limited edition Chanel Lame Rouge Noir top coat – US $27 here, here and in Australia – AUS $39, here.

Wearing:  Rose Gold Knuckle Ring.

So, what do you think about Chanel Lame Rouge Noir? Unique enough to invest in? Have you already tried it?

– Maria, xx

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