You Won’t Believe The New Summer Nail Colours From Chanel!

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CHANEL CAVALIERE, chanel emeraude swatches

Chanel continues their journey to the dark side. First they released a ingeniously dark spring nail colour and now we have a very unusual summer collection. When I first saw the five new polishes from Chanel Summer 2016 makeup collection: Dans La Lumiere De L’Ete I thought of Christmas rather than summer…

But fear not my friends, once you try them, your doubts will be blown away. The vivid new colours with warm undertones look so flattering on slightly tanned skin that they simply scream summer! The range includes the fierce poppy red Chanel Espadrilles, a delicate gold metallic in Chanel Canotier and a pair of impressive dark shades – Chanel Emeraude & Chanel Cavaliere, pictured above.

Chanel summer 2016 nail polish collection


  • Chanel Turban #524 – bright coral pink
  • Chanel Cavaliere #526 – warm chocolate brown with gold shimmer
  • Chanel Canotier #632 – champagne gold metallic
  • Chanel Espadrilles #534 – fierce orange red gelly
  • Chanel Emeraude #536 – warm emerald green with gold shimmer

I’ve since learned that the collection was inspired by desert adventures. Perhaps an adventure more akin to Sex in the City 2 rather than real desert action but either way, these fabulous new lacquers are a must-have for any nail polish addict. If, like me, you balk at the price tag of the entire set, I recommend you invest in the unusual dark pair – Chanel Emeraude & Chanel Cavaliere. They’re the two show stopping colours that I’m presenting to you today!

To help you to make an informed decision, as always, there’s a detailed review below…. CHANEL CAVALIERE nail polishCHANEL CAVALIERE SWATCHES REVIEWCHANEL CAVALIERE 526 SWATCHES REVIEW


Formula: the new formula is fantastic. It’s highly pigmented, fast drying and ultra-glossy. Plus, it’s not only 5-free but also includes bioceramics and ceramides to improve the health of your nails.

Application: Just flawless! A signature Chanel brush is back* and it makes application easy. Highly pigmented formulation allows fully opaque coverage in just two thin coats (pictured).

Finish/Colour: Very glossy, rich cremes with a strong gold shimmer effect. The warm undertones in these colours make them look particularly fabulous on a slightly tanned skin.

Nail Art: These polishes look fabulous on their own and are perfect for any kind of nail art. Very easy to work with, a nail polish lover’s dream!

Dupes: There are no dupes.

Wearability: Very long lasting. 7 days with a top coat.

*Extra Notes: The signature Chanel brush is back! Perhaps the nail art community’s complaints reached Chanel HQ or they just realised the floppy mop had to go.

Chanel emeraude nail polish swatchesChanel emeraude 536 swatches review


Chanel emeraude swatches reviewChanel emeraude swatches, amazing green nail polish

Overall Impression: Now, I’m not usually one to love brown or green polishes but this pair by Chanel had me at first glance. After trying them, I’m positive Chanel is back on top of the nail polish game. The one of a kind beautiful colours and the impeccable formula make this duo a wise investment for any nail polish addict this summer. Just beware, in Australia Chanel Cavaliere is a limited edition so don’t hesitate if you haven’t ordered it already.

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Availability: Now! Via Chanel beauty counters or online US $28 – here or here, £18 here  and AUD $41 – here.

So, what do you think about wearing dark nail polish for summer? And, what’s your favourite colour – Chanel Emeraude or Chanel Cavaliere?

– Maria, xx

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