Chameleon Nail Polish: 8 Stunning Nail Designs To Try Now

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Chameleon nail polish, also known as duochrome and multichrome, is trending this year. While main-stream brands (except for Revlon’s Chroma Chameleon) are holding back on releasing chameleon collections, Russian professional polish brand, Dance Legend is having great fun launching one fantastic range after another. They now even adding holographic particles to the classic chameleon formula, like in the newest Dance Legend Galaxy range, for instance.

However, as with any other beautiful on it’s own polish, I  find it hard to do any nail art with chameleons. The polish itself already has up to five colours in it and it shines like a crazy diamond! So what nail art can you do with chameleons to highlight their beauty without going OTT? We investigate…

Here’s the coolest 8 nail designs with chameleon nail polish to try now:

watermarble nails with dance legend chameleon nail polish

1. Watermarble nails with chameleon nail polish by Pshiiit.

animal print nails with chameleon polish

2. Zebra print nails over chameleon watercolor nails by Lucy’s Stash.

blue and black nails dance legend boggs

3. Geometric Black and Blue nails by SoNailicious.

water colour nails with dance legend chameleon nail polish

4. Watercolor nails by Lucy’s Stash.

chameleon nail polish as a base for holographic topper

5. Dance Legend Knight with the Dance Legend Top Prismatic, nails by Nihrida.

gradient nails with chameleon nail polish

6. Gradient nails with ILNP multichromes by Lucy’s Stash.

waterspotted nails with chameleon nail polish

7. Gradient nails with Dance Legend Wazowski by Spektor’s Nails.

nail art with chameleon nail polish

8. Saran wrap nail art with Mavala chameleon nail polish by Pshiiit.

As our investigation has revealed – you can actually a lot with chameleon polish! It will look chic and trendy, as long as you keep additional colours really basic (ie. black or white) or match it to the main colour of the chameleon polish. Even if you simply mix a few different shades in one nail design, your chameleon nail art will look fantastic!

What about you guys? Have you done any amazing chameleon nail art before? Are you keen to try any nail designs from the above?

– Maria, xx

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