Nails of Instagram: 6 Absolutely Nailicious Celebrities To Follow

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Nail candy, arm candy and… eye candy courtesy of @KylieJenner
Kendall Jenner
Brooke Candy nails by MPNails
Brooke Candy for Untitled Magazine
Opulence… Brooke Candy
Dita Von Teese half moon nails
Dita Von Teese, half moon nails
Kelly Osbourne Easter Nails
Kelly O
Lily Allen's High Class Nails
Lily Allen's Palm nails
Vanessa Hudgens

Zooey Deschanel is the Queen of Nail Art. Well, she was in 2012. Zoey is still cool, but there are new kids on the block who are taking nail art to the next level with their edgy, sparkly, spikey and often studded stiletto nails. Regardless whether you’re a fan of these celebrities, I bet you’ll enjoy the top class nail looks they’re sporting. Plus, while waiting for the next #nailstagram, you’ll be entertained with exclusive, behind the scenes images and even videos. Believe me, following these guys is seriously addictive!

6 Up & Coming Instagram Nail Accounts to Follow:

1. Who: Kendall Jenner @kyliejenner
Why follow: The little Kardashain half-sister has grown up. She’s cool, stylish, has awesome green hair and an enviable… nails! Oups. I mean… lifestyle.

2. Who: Brooke Candy @brookecandy
Why follow: it’s all about “OPULENCE”, including nails.

3. Who: Dita Von Teese @DitaVonTeese
Why follow: Without doubt we can thank Dita for the resurgence of the half moon manicure. Thus, we treasure every new beauty shot she posts on Instagram.

4. Who: Lily Allen @LilyAllen
Why follow: In addition to Instagram gems like Lily dancing in her underwear, you’ll get to see the manicures she’s getting done by the world’s top manicurists. Though… who cares about your undies Lily, just show us MORE nails!

5. Who: Kelly Osbounrn @KellyOsbourne
Why follow: We love Kelly O for SO many reasons but her passion for beauty, hence the ever changing hair and nail looks is probably on the top of our list.

6. Who: Vanessa Hudgens @VanessaHudgens
Why follow: You’ll be surprised by Vanessa’s nails. Despite her cute, girl next door image, her perfectly decorated stiletto nails belong to the femme fatale category.

So my dear friends, next time Anna Wintour says “nail art is dead” tag her into Brooke Candy’s #nailstagram or Lily Allen’s undie-dance. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one would be more appropriate in that case…

Now in all seriousness, have you been following any of these celebrities on Instagram? Who are your favorites, did we miss anyone?

– Maria xx,  aka @So_Nailicious (in case you’d like to follow us too)

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