Do You Buy Nail Polish Online or in a Store?

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where to buy nail polish onlineOnline shopping has dissolved the boarders made it possible to shop at any time anywhere in the world. During The Black Friday sales a couple of sites have again experienced problems when the sheer number of online shoppers overloaded their servers. Why bother going to the shop when all your favorites can be neatly saved in a wish list and are just one click away? I pretty much did all my Black Friday shopping within 20 minutes on 4 sites. Now just need to wait patiently till my parcels arrive. Wish I could just buy everything online.

What about you guys, do you prefer to buy nail polish online or in a store? And, if you prefer online, what’s your favorite store?

ps. Got a nail question? Email Maria at editor@sonailicious.com. We’ll do our best to find the answer!


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