Butter London Sweetie Shop, Spring 2013 collection

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The Butter London Sweetie Shop collection for Spring 2013 is inspired by the charming colour palette of the 50s. It comes in 6 playful feminine shades based on themes such as cotton candy, milkshakes, and macaroons. You’ll find brilliant sherbet, luxe lemon, peppy violet, icy mint, a rich candy pink and a creamy khaki for a statement that’s sweet, but chic.

The Butter LONDON Sweetie Shop collection shades:

  • butter-london-sweetie-shop-spring2013
  • Cuppa – a toasted opaque tan crème, named for a cup of tea served at 4PM with tea cakes.
  • Fruit Machine – an opaque punchy carnation crème, inspired by a slot machine, most commonly found in an English pub.
  • Molly Coddled – an opaque lavender-orchid crème, a name coming from when a child has been looked after a bit too indulgently.
  • Fiver – an opaque icy mint crème, also known as a five pound note in the UK.
  • Jasper – an opaque bright pastel yellow crème, the color of a wasp or yellow jacket.
  • Kerfuffle – an opaque pink coral crème, a shade sure to make a commotion or fuss like its namesake.

Available: $15 from Beauty.com and ButterLondon

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