Pink Ribbon Nail Art. Plus, An Important Message

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breast cancer nail art, pink nails

First of all thank you all for your kind messages and support! It’s strange how quickly your life can turn completely upside down. However, reading your kind messages and having supportive friends and family has been very uplifting. Some of you were even brave enough to share your personal stories with me. So I decided to share my story with you too. Even though I prefer not to talk about personal things here on SoNailicious I think this time it’s necessary because I feel that sharing this story may save someone’s life.

You see, there are numerous Cancer Awareness campaigns but it seems like they are often ignored by general public. Some celebrities doing this and that on Instagram, a poster at the bus stop, but how does that relate to you? Cancer seems like something you’ll never have to deal with. Especially if you’re young, healthy and full of energy but don’t be so sure.

When my husband had to have emergency surgery 3 weeks ago it was a shock, but everyone, including the doctors, thought it was just a burst appendix. A week later he was recovering quickly so I naturally thought that the worst was over. But when the pathology results came back there was one result nobody had expected… yes, cancer. In our particular case it was found and removed early but it’s not over yet. There will be another operation and 6 months of chemotherapy before the odds are really in our favour.

So what causes cancer in a very fit young person with an excellent diet? In this case, probably an infection of the appendix 8 months ago that never really went away. But that’s just our particular case, it could be any number of things.

That’s why I’m sharing this story with you today. I want you to know how tricky cancer is. It doesn’t choose just certain type of people, it can happen to anyone. And when it begins, cancer is not like a flu when you have a running nose and temperature and you know something is wrong. Sometimes cancer can develop without any major signs and symptoms.

So if you, or anyone you know, has a strange sensation, a slight nagging pain or an uncomfortable feeling, go and see a doctor and get it checked. There is no need to expect cancer from every little pain, I’m all up for positive attitude. But if it’s more constant, why not err on the side of caution and have it checked out, just in case?

To re-inforce this message I created this Pink Ribbon nail art. Even though the Pink Ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer, I dedicate this manicure to cancer awareness in general. Because I want you to keep checking and listen to your body in general, listen to your friends and family and if there are some signals – go and get it checked!

breast cancer nail art, sea siren sailaway heatherbreast cancer nail artbreast cancer nail art with pink nail polish

Used: Sea Siren Sailaway Heather, Pamper Me Pink, Leucosia, Kester Black Sugar Daddy (silver tips) and Essie Good To Go top coat.

Wearing: Love Heart ring.

– Maria, xx

P.S. I want to thank once again everyone who supported us one way or another. It really means a lot. It does not feel anymore like we have to go through it alone but we feel a very powerful support of our nail art family – you guys! Some of you even supported us financially via SoNailicious Boutique (here’s all info about how you can help). I will make sure you will get some extra gifts in your orders – just another way of me saying thank you for your support. Words can’t express how much I appreciate it!

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