What’s Your Biggest Nail Art Struggle?

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biggest nail art problem

Practice makes it perfect. It makes sense, before you can reach perfection, you must struggle. My biggest nail art challenge used to be drawing long thin lines. One shake of the hand and nail design is ruined but after a few months of practice the tiniest and thinnest lines are doable.

But there is still one thing that occasionally causes problems. BUBBLES! Just imagine, you spent 1-2 hours to do your nails, perfecting a thin detailed nail design, you need to seal it and then bang. The top coat goes bubbly! ARGHHHH. Has that ever happened to you? Even the tiniest bubbles drive me insane. And, even the most trusted top coats do that to me from time to time. I’ve learned how to avoid bubbles, but still sometimes…. argh!

Now your turn guys, what’s your biggest nail art struggle?

– Maria, xx

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