5 Best Top Coats of 2015

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top coat nail polish - TOP 5

A top coat is an essential element of any manicure. It can improve it significantly or ruin it completely. Just how crucial is a top coat? You’ll find out here.

Consequently, whether it’s for my clients, editorials or myself, I always place great importance on which top coat I use. I want my top coat to be fail proof, no shrinkage, toxin free, fast-drying and ultra-glossy. It’s particularly crucial for my clients because ideally, I want their manicure lasts a week or so. That’s why I’m always on the look out for the best top coat.

The market is also developing. Competition forces manufacturers to push the boundaries and develop improved and more efficient formulas. There’s also new brands popping up more frequently. Top coats that were so amazing 2 or 3 years ago may not be the best today.

So here’s the 5 top coats I’ve been using and loving in 2015:

1. Essie Good To Go
Still, Essie Good To Go is my number 1 top coat. Fail-proof, this top coat works flawlessly in any situation. It goes on in a thin layer, evens out any nail art bumps, dries quickly and gives nails a high shine finish. I usually use this top coat for clients and editorial work. If I need to speed up the drying time, I just pair it with Essie Quick-e.

15ml. 3-Free. Get it – AUS $17.95 here or US $10.00 here.

3. Orly Polishield 3-in-1 Top Coat
An extra-longlasting,  fast-drying, high-shine top coat that I use for editorial work and shoots when no nail art is required. When paired with Orly Quick Dry Drops it dries in about 3 minutes (here’s this trick), which is perfect when a model needs to change their nails quickly and/or be ready for a shoot in a short period of time.

18 ml. 3-Free. Get it: US $7.69 here  or here.

2. Faby Top Coat Fast Dry

Professional quality top coat, fast-drying and fail-proof. It does not shrink and it does not go bubbly, making it the perfect top coat for thick and detailed nail designs that need smoothing out and when you need to dry through multiple layers of nail art. The only drawback is as you get towards the end of the bottle it begins to solidify and become goopy.

15ml. 3-Free. Get it – AUS $19.95 here.

4. Sea Siren Sea Gloss

5-free and cruelty-free certified. This top coat nail polish is not as fast drying as Essie Good To Go or Faby but it’s 5-free. I usually use it when there is no rush and I can have sufficient time to allow nails to dry.

15ml. 5-Free. Get it – AUS $15.95 here.

5. Mint Polish Wet Look Sealer

Like Sea Siren Sea Gloss, Mint Polish is not fast drying as the other 3 top coats reviewed today. It has less toxins and the liquid, ultra-glossy formula, makes it perfect for quick swatches or plain (not too thick) manicures.

15ml. 5-Free. Get it – US $17.95 here.

Over to you!

Have you tried any of the above? What is your go-to top coat?

– Maria, xx

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