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Victoria started her nail art blog, Manicurator, exactly 1 year ago. Victoria’s beautiful nail art is often inspired by paintings and consist of clean, sharp lines in patterns that look deceptively simple. That, and the fact that Victoria posts new nail art and swatches almost daily have helped Manicurator grow into one of the most popular nail blogs in the US. Victoria was part of Nailgsm, a documentary about nail art and her creations have also been featured in a multitude of online magazines.

Today Victoria shares a few of her great nail art tips, so read on lovelies!

Why nails?
Because they are fun, allow incredible creativity, and you will never run out of colors or ideas :P

Your favourite sweet treat?
Hmm, way too many I’m sure but I’ll go with sea salt caramel :D

Favourite nail blogger?
Again, way too many talented bloggers to name just one, or even just 5. But I’ll give you a couple that come to mind: Chalkboard Nails, Lucy’s Stash

Nail care product you can’t live without?
Nail oil.

The best nail care tip?
Oil your bare nails on a regular basis.


best nail polish, chanel nail polishFavourite nail polish brand?
Zoya (image 1), OPI, Dior, SpaRitual, Rescue Beauty Lounge…you get the idea? I don’t have one favorite :)

Favourite indie polish brand?
I have a lot that I love: Smitten, KBShimmer (image 2), GlitterDaze, Jindie, Contrary and on and on

Best luxury brand?
Dior (image 3) / Chanel (image 4)

Best bargain buy?

Which brand has the best brush?
I’m a fan of the OPI brush.


nail art blog manicurator

Favorite pattern?
Something with striping tape. I’d love to master free hand/damask one day! Images above: 1&2 – Pomegranate Royal Fairy Tale Nail Art, 3 – Argyle Glitter Nail Art and 4 – Dotted French Nail Art for Marc Jacobs DOT,

What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?
Keep your hand steadied on a secure surface. Work slowly.

Favourite nail art trend?
I love too many! But I always swoon when I see a gorgeous gradient.

How do you get inspired for your nail art?
Other bloggers, looking at the nail polish colors, life :)

Victoria was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in March 2013. All images – provided by Victoria.

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