The Essential Cuticle Care Guide: Our 5 Best Cuticle Creams

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best cuticle creamsThe Essential Cuticle Care Guide is bringing its sexy back today and we’re looking at the best cuticle creams around. We all know how important is to care for cuticles and thus, we only want the best and most effective products for them. We’ve tested a great variety of brands to come up with the list below. We’re hoping it will help your cuticles to gain softness, suppleness and joy too! Joyful cuticles, why not?

Our 5 best cuticle creams:

  1. Lush Lemony Flutter – the nail blogger’s favorite. It’s the thickest cuticle cream out there. Known for its ability to immediately moisten and soften dry cuticles. It contains fresh lemons that are blended in the rich butter base to brighten skin and lighten nails. Must have! AUD $16.50 here.
  2. Kiehl’s Intensive Treatment For Dry Areas – in our case we’re going to treat our cuticles! Kiehls’s special formulation contains avocado oil, glycerin and shea butter,  and helps to soften and soothe dry and cracked skin. This cream will sooth even the driest of dry. Available online US $26 here or AUD $32 here.
  3. Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now! cream – literally makes dry cuticles look healthy instantly. Plus, the inclusion of 4000 IU’s of Vitamin E helps prevent nail problems before they start. US $6.49 here.
  4. Nailtiques Cuticle & Hand Conditioner – a lightweight, non-greasy, hand crème that is formulated to rehydrate and condition the cuticles. It contains a highly concentrated combination of pure aloe and jojoba oils that nourish hands and cuticles. From US $4 here.
  5. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – an intensive natural treatment that contains lemon oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil to soften and moisturize your cuticles as well as to strengthen nails. The lemon oil will make your nails feel refreshed, healthy and beautiful – US$5.99  here or AUD $14.85 here.

Have you tried any of these dear readers? What’s your favorite cuticle cream? Do you prefer oil or cream for your cuticles?

– Maria, xx

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