The Best 5 Bridal Manicures

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Many of my friends are getting married this year. Of course, everybody wants to have the perfect wedding day with the perfect wedding gown, shoes, accessories, hairstyle and makeup. But some brides overlook the importance of the perfect bridal manicure. That’s understandable, it’s such a busy time. But a bride’s hands are in the spotlight so often throughout the big day that it’s essential to get your bridal manicure right before you pose for photos, throw a bouquet and of course, receive that ring!

To ease the task of finding your perfect bridal nail design, here are our best 5 bridal manicures:

1. Dazzling Manicure
If you want to look dazzling during your wedding day, then get a dazzling manicure to match. To create a dazzling effect on your nails, opt for a silver glitter gradient combined with crystal adornments. Place them at your nail bed (as pictured, manicure by Whitney of DressedUpNails) or on the tips of your nails – both will look fantastic.

2. Ombre Manicure
Ombre nails is one of the most popular designs at the moment. It’s a subtle statement look for those of you who prefer minimalist chic. Use soft pink or light lavender and milky white shades to create the wedding perfect ombre effect. Manicure by Camille of Pshiiit.

3. Pearl Manicure
Some people prefer to wear pearl jewelry. If that’s you, try a pearly manicure. Sammy of The Nailasaurus created a perfect example – tiny pearls in a heart shape on the pointer finger and the other nails decorated with studs and glitter. For a simpler version, paint all nails in one base light pink or white shade and create one pearly accent nail (on the ring finger) of each hand.

4. Silver Manicure
You can go either for a silver metallic or silver glitter manicure. The new generation of 3D glitters (pictured NailsInc Maida Vale swatched by Pshiiit) are irresistible. Your bridal nails will sparkles brighter than all disco the balls in the reception room.

5. French Manicure with a Twist
If you’re looking for something classical and feminine, try a French bridal manicure. Simply add a thin silver glitter line at the nail tip. To take this look to the next level, add a small crystal in the middle of the silver line on each nail. Manicure by Surrey of ApolishAddict.

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