5 Top Tips for Succeeding as a Nail Artist

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nail artist advice for Succeeding in the nail art industry

Are you dreaming of making it big as a nail artist? If you’re thinking of becoming a celebrity manicurist, painting nails at fashion week or even launching your salon, well, today is your lucky day! SoNailicious is bringing you exclusive insider tips and advice from 4 leading international manicurists. Our experts from the USA, UK and Australia will help you start your glittering career!

5 best tips for a succeeding as a nail artist:

1. Get Quality Education

Amie Surtees of Miss Betty Rose: “…find a well known college that offers an all over intensive course. There are too many poorly trained techs out there. So proper training is the key!”

2. Get Plenty of Practice

Sabrina Gayle, UK celebrity manicurist: “Practice, practice, practice…” and  Chelsea Bagan of Trophy Wife agrees: “Practice heaps!”

3. Develop Your Own Style

Sabrina: “Make your designs as unique as possible. It’s great to be inspired by others but copying someone’s work will never get you noticed”

4. Never Stop Learning

Amie: “…never, ever stop learning. Keep on track with new methods and up to date with all the latest trends.”

5. Network

Julie Kandalec, Creative Director Paint-Box: “Take photos of all your work, network like crazy…” and Sabrina points out the importance of networking on social media: “Social networking is the key. Show the world what you can do. Get noticed”

Also, even though I’m not a professional manicurist I certainly I know a thing or two about how to make things happen. So humbly I’ll add this last one from myself: “Never give up! Have a goal and do whatever it takes to accomplish it. Be prepared to make sacrifices along the way. It may seem hard now, but once you reach your goal, you’ll understand it was well worth it”. When you do all of the above and nothing happens, do it again! Improve, set higher standards and sooner or later it will happen. Fact.

What’s your best tip for a successful career in the nail and beauty industry?

– Maria, xx

PC: Sabrina Gayle for Essie UK.

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