Au Revoir SoNailicious x Jamberry! 3 Mix’n’Match Manicures

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jamberry nail wraps, geo french twist

Tomorrow, on the 15th of September, the limited edition SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps won’t be available for sale anymore. How time flies! I remember, like it was yesterday, how I created the Geo French nail design on one rainy Sunday, and how then, after many months and much hard work, the entire collection came to life. I remember being so psyched leading up to launch day and on the big day itself, demand was so high that you guys crashed both, the SoNailicious and Jamberry‘s servers.  We all almost had a heart attack but we were so happy that so many of you were as excited about the new Geo French Twist collection as we were.

It was absolutely mind-blowing to see the first photos of you guys wearing the SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps. Since then, there has been such a variety of pics from all around the world. My nail designs are not just an idea anymore, they are living their own life with you wherever you are in the world. It brings tears of pride to my eyes…

So thank you for supporting me in this endeavor! And thanks for sharing your photos, I checked out each and every photo and it was a constant source of joy. Also, special thanks to the Jamberry team for being so awesome to work with, to knowledgeable Jamberry consultants for sharing their best tips and of course, to Team SoNailicious: Katie, Elina, Anja and Joseph for your ongoing support! *sheds another tear or two…

Ok, the Oscars speech is over, now let’s have a closer look at these mix’n’match SoNailicious x Jamberry nail designs. I created these manicures to farewell the collection and to demonstrate a few great alternatives on how to wear your wraps. These designs can be worn on their own or easily incorporated into a mix’n’match look. I.e. wear them with other nail wraps or nail polish.

Please note, today is your last chance to get your hands on the SoNailicious x Jamberry collection. So if you haven’t got them yet or you’re running low, stock up here.

Look 1. Golden Era Geo French

Used: Geo French, plus, Mirror Metallic Gold Jamberry nail wrap outlined with black nail polish and black nail polish on little finger. Add 2 coats of Jamberry top coat.

SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps, black and gold nails jamberry nail wraps, white and gold nails

Look 2. Into The Blue

Used: Mint French Twist nail wrap on the middle & ring fingers, dark blue nail polish, plus, Jamberry top coat.

SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps, blue and mint nailsSoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps, blue and mint nailsSoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps, mint nails

Look 3. Art Deco French

Used: Geo French & Deco Jamberry nail wraps finished with 2 coats of Jamberry top coat.

sonailicious-jamberry-nails-gold-and-black-nails-jamberry-deco-wrapsSoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps, gold and white nails

A few more Mix’n’Match manicure ideas…

jamberry nail wraps, nail wrap manicure ideasjamberry-nail-wraps-nail-design-ideas

The Limited Edition Jamberry x SoNailicious French Twist collection pairings:

    • Geo French Twist pair with Gladiator, Brooklyn Bridge, Metallic Gold Stripe or Deco Jamberry nail wraps OR black, red, white and/or gold metallic nail polish
    • Mod French Twist – pair with Metallic Chrome wraps or white, turquoise and/or grey nail polish
    • Suave French Twist – pair with Bayside nail wraps OR pink, dark red and/or rose gold metallic nail polish
    • Mint French Twist – pair with Metallic Chrome or Morocco nail wraps OR dark blue, mint, blue and/or silver metallic polish

Also, make sure to check out all the SoNailicious x Jamberry manicures created in the last 3 months here and to get the most out of your SoNailicious x Jamberry nail wraps check out these 10 tips for flawless nail wrap application.

Now, over to you!

Which nail design/combination is your favourite?

Don’t forget, today is your last chance to get a piece of the SoNailicious goodness in wrap form! Get it here.

– Maria, xx

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