Tutorial: Autumn Apple Nails

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apple nails

When I think about Autumn the first thing that comes to mind is… apples! Sweet and sour at the same time, the humble apple is my favourite fruit. A warm delicious apple pie on a rainy autumn Sunday – how delicious does that sound? So if you’re a fan of apples like me or just looking for an interesting fall manicure idea, then you’ll surely enjoy these Apple Nails.

This nail art is very easy to do and is perfect for beginners but you’ll need to work fast. So before you start painting your nails, set up your nail art space, open all the polishes you need and get your tools ready.

You will need:

    • coral red, dark red, milky white and black nail polishes
    • dotting tool
    • needle
    • detailing nail brush
    • base coat and top coat

apple nails how to


  1. Paint a base coat. Decide which nails will be accent nails and start with them, but remember work one nail at a time. Paint nail coral red.
  2.  Don’t let nail polish to dry, immediately take red polish and make two big dots with a dotting tool.
  3.  Put smaller white dots inside the red ones.
  4.  With a needle, lightly drag a line from the dot’s outline to its centre. Work quickly while the polish is still wet.
  5.  Paint all other nails coral red.
  6.  Using a detailing nail art brush, make two apple seeds in each apple. Finish the design with a quick dry clear top coat.

apple nailsautumn apple nailspretty apple nailsUsed:

What’s your favourite Autumn fruit? How do you like these Apple nails? Will you give it a go?

– Elina/NailScope

P.S. As always, if you try this tutorial, make sure you show us your creations! We’d love to see you work – Tweet or Instagram us a photo with the tag #sonailicious.

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