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abu dhabi nails, blue and gold nailsTime flies… a week spent in The Emirates went in a blink. Right now we’re in Russia but memories of Abu Dhabi and Dubai – the two cities that we were lucky to visit – are still so vivid! One of the most memorable moments was visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The astonishing luxury of the interior and abundance of light blue and gold colours (see our photos of the Mosque here and here) were the inspiration for this nail design. It was so difficult to decide on the final pattern (ie. lilies or buds?) that we ended up wearing just a base for 2 days. It also looked quite nice (see it here) and can be seen as a simplified version of this Abu Dhabi inspired manicure.

HOW TO: These Abu Dhabi nails are entirely hand painted with this liner brush. It requires some skill, a steady hand and a great nail art brush. For the pointer finger we opted for a slightly different pattern – an opened lily, just to add an extra detail to the look.

blue and gold nailsabu dhabi nails 1blue and gold nail designabu dhabi nailsdubai nailsdubai nails 1Used:

So nail art warriors, how do you like the Abu Dhabi nails? Will you be attempting something similar? And, which pattern do you like the most – the opened lily on a pointer finger or little buds on other fingers?

Hope you like this look and I’ll see you soon! Next post from Russia ;)

– Maria, xx

UPDATE: to recreate this look follow this Dubai Nails video tutorial.

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