Lime in the Sky Abstract Nails. Plus, How-To

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abstract nails

Abstract nails are trending! Finally. I’ve been always a big fan of abstract patterns (remember this and this?) but this year Abstract nail art made it big – you see it everywhere these days. From big brand commercials to Instagram  – it’s all about Abstract manicures. So I had to jump in (after all it’s one of my favourite styles) and create something new in the Abstract nails department… The result is these Lime in the Sky Abstract nails!

The colour palette is inspired by my recent trip to a fabrics shop and the pattern – a mix of waves and dots. The end result is not quite what I’ve been planning to do but it seems to turned out even better than the original idea… I did a lot of sketching in my Little Book of Nail Art. Enough for at least 10 more Abstract nails! So expect to see more Abstract nail art experiments on SoNailicious.com in the nearest future ;)


  1. Paint all nails in white nail polish, wait 2-3 minutes for nail polish to set.
  2. Use 02 Needle brush to paint lime, blue and dark blue waves on all nails.
  3. Add tiny black dots with 01 Warrior, which is perfect for tiny dots, by the way.
  4. Wait 5 minutes for black polish to dry and add 2 layers of a glossy top coat.

abstract nail art and little book of nail artbest detailing nail art brushabstract nailsabstract nails with the best liner nail art brush


Now, over to you!

Are you a fan of Abstract nail art or do you prefer more traditional prints, like florals for instance? …and more importantly, how do you like my Lime in the Sky Abstract nails? :)

– Maria, xx

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